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Birthdate:Jun 19
Location:Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

* Who am I?*

- A girl whose real name is Kim Anh.

- A very simple girl who still always gets lost, cannot find a way that leads her to what she dreams of.

- A happy person who feels lucky to have been born in her little-yet-peaceful country; thinks that her life is already full of happiness and she's satisfied; is so proud of her good, caring, kind-hearted friends that she even can believe blindly in friendship.

- A girl that has fallen deeply in love with Japan, especially J-POP, Johnny's.

- A KK fangirl, Tsu-biased type.

- A papa of a complicated family.

- A CĐ2 missing CĐ1.


*Real Name: Kim Anh

*Name (called by friends): Erika/ Eri

*Birthday: 1992.06.19

*Country: Vietnam
(I'll never say that I'm proud of my country, but I feel lucky to be born in Vietnam and living here. I love Vietnam!!!)

*Addicted to: ♫Jpop♫ღAnimeღ♥Manga♥


--I'm nothing more than a crazy fangirl who is in love with a bunch of beautiful-baka boys--

*Fandom: ♥ JE = Johnny's Entertainment

*My big love: KinKi Kids (Domoto Tsuyoshi ♥), Tegomass


―The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.―

「キノの旅 ―the Beautiful World―」


..:: KK's Kingdom ::..

..:: My Adorable Boy ::..




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